How To Get Away With Mass Serial Murder And Make Billions

By Dr. John Rosa

I am aware there is a popular show that streams on Netflix called How To Get Away With Murder, in which a successful attorney teaches a university-level law course. Well, how about a show about a family that plays a leading role in the deaths of roughly 150 people every day?

The death toll began in the late 1990s and by 2017, the annual death toll directly linked to this family was a mere 70,237.

The family I’m talking about is the real-life Sackler family, the Purdue Pharma makers and marketers of the opioid oxycontin. Facing 2,600 different lawsuits, this family got off free and clear and are still allowed to make pills that supposedly help those addicted to oxycontin while making even more money in the process.

So, how to do it…First of all, make a highly addictive pill. Next, misdirect the entire medical community, be very clear when telling them that your pills are not addictive. Then blame the people who are addicted to your product. Pronounce that all of the people dying from opioids “were already addicts and that this wouldn’t happen to people (patients) who were not already addicted to drugs.” And, very importantly direct all of the blame to the people in your very own “marketing department.” Claim ignorance. Deny vehemently that you had any idea what they were doing.

Here’s the most important step, when you know you’re close to getting caught – 2,600 lawsuits are a fairly clear indication that someone’s coming after you — declare bankruptcy and move all of your company’s money overseas and into the accounts of individual family members.

Oh, and one more thing, you must maintain an absolutely remorseless demeanor. If you’d rather not wait for the show to be made and come to Netflix, you can read about the real life story here: