Money Addicts Win – Drug Addicts And Their Families Lose

There’s an addiction war going on in this country. It’s a war between money addicts and the people they are killing whom they refer to as “drug addicts.” Fact is, most of these “drug addicts” became addicted because the money addicts ran massive marketing campaigns urging doctors to prescribe the pills the money addicts make to as many people as they possibly could. And to keep them coming back for more.

The money addicts make and push highly addictive drugs to the society at large. The money addicts get lots of money and the people get addicted to expensive drugs and when they can’t afford them turn to less expensive street drugs, then they die. For the pill buyers it’s a lose-lose situation. For the pill pushers, it’s win-win-win.

I just watched a documentary called The Crime of The Century streaming on HBO, which depicts how the opioid epidemic began and how deeply entrenched the greed is all the way up to the highest levels of government. The all-pervasive lack of conscience and the hunger for money among the highly respected drug kingpins in this country makes me wonder if this epidemic can ever be reversed and brought to an end. At this very moment, I have my doubts.

Please make a point of watching this poignant documentary. If you do, I’d appreciate hearing from you and would love to know what you think. I’m a chiropractor and I’ve been lobbying for the people who have been hurt the most in this opioid epidemic. I know that pain can be managed effectively without medications or surgeries. But drug lords can’t make big money off the safe methods that offer real relief without diminishing quality of life.

My current research with a neuromodulation device called the Nu-V3 is proving to be a great alternative to opioid prescribing and I can’t wait to see the impact when we go to market end of this year.  I am also working with an AI enhanced telehealth platform called Get A-Head researching the ability to predict patients who are more susceptible to addiction sounding an alarm to the prescribing physician. New drug research that is less harmful is important, but history has shown us that almost all medications have a long list of side effects. My hope is that my work, and the research of other non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical methods prevail.