Opioids Ordered On The Internet Delivered In The Regular Mail

By Dr. John Rosa

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Welcome to the Internet of Death

You’ve heard of IoT, or the Internet of things? Well, I’ll like to introduce you to the IoD, or the Internet of Death. You can order just about any kind of drug imaginable on the Internet and have it delivered to your doorstep by the United States Postal Service.

Maybe you are already aware of this. Back in April of this year, the TV news show, 60-Minutes aired a segment entitled “Deadly Fentanyl Bought Online From China Being Shipped Through The Mail,” in which it explained that the U.S. Postal System is one of the easiest ways to smuggle drugs into the U.S.

The segment brings to light how cheap and easy it is for addicts to buy deadly fentanyl and other fentanyl-based drugs online and get them shipped right to their door. It’s bad enough that the drugs are so readily available right here at home. Now with greater accessibility online and through the U.S.P.S, that’s an even more deadly combination.

According to the report, among the drugs available online is one called ‘Carfentanyl.’ It is a derivative of fentanyl used by veterinarians to tranquilize elephants. According to the 60-Minutes segment, “Carfentanyl is another 100 times more potent than fentanyl.” In the piece, the U.S. Attorney in Cleveland, Justin Herdman told correspondent, Scott Pelley, that just touching the drug could be deadly. He said, “Here (with fentanyl) you’ve got 300 grams of powder that could deliver a fatal dose to 150,000 people. Here (with Carfentanyl) you’ve got only five grams of powder which could deliver a fatal dose to over 250,000 people.”

The 60-Minute report said they found the Chinese connection and shut down at least 40 websites selling illegal drugs in 20 languages. However, authorities cannot be sure if the lab making the drugs has been shut down.

Why It’s So Easy To Send Drugs Through The U.S. Postal Service

I’m not actually too surprised that you can buy drugs on the Internet. You can buy just about anything on the dark net. Even though it is illegal to do so and if you’re caught, you could go to jail. But what’s equally disturbing is the fact it’s so easy to send illegal drugs through the regular mail.

Here’s why it’s so disturbing. After 9/11 all private carriers like FedEx have been required to give U.S. Customs advance descriptions and tracking of foreign packages. However, the Postal Service was allowed to delay because of the enormous cost to implement the process. That leniency has lasted nearly 2 decades. Meanwhile, people are dying as a result.

Mail Order Death And Destruction

From guns to opioids, and other things I don’t even want to imagine, the Internet has opened up a world of death, destruction and darkness. Of course most of us use the Internet for legal things and it has given us access to instant information on every topic in the world. That’s an amazing and wonderful accomplishment. But, how do we protect our children and loved ones from the horrors that are so readily available? How do we avoid coming home and finding our children dead from an opioid overdose? We owe it to ourselves to discover a way to stop this access to opioids and end the devastating heartbreak.