The Pharmacist And The Pain That Never Goes Away

By Dr. John Rosa

The Pharmacist

People react differently to tragedy.

Unfortunately hundreds of thousands of parents have been in the position of reacting to the tragedy of losing a child to the opioid crisis that has been ravaging this country since the late 1990’s. Most of those parents were helpless and didn’t know what to do. In drug overdose situations there often seems like there is nothing that can be done.

The Pharmacist on Netflix

Some of the children may not have died from an overdose. Some of them may have been killed attempting to get drugs in dangerous neighborhoods. Such was the case that is brought to light in a documentary series recently produced by Netflix.

The documentary poses some intense and important questions. For instance, “What would you do if your child was killed in a drug deal and the cops were less than helpful? Would you be paralyzed with grief, shaking your head at the idea that your kid was an addict, or something else?” As the documentary series portrays, “One pharmacist in Louisiana took it upon himself to find his son’s killer, and after that was over, took what he learned and decided to fight a Big Pharma company that was making more young people into addicts.”

Stream It or Skip It 

The Pharmacist may be too difficult to watch for anyone who has lost a child to opioids. But for everyone else, I beg you to watch this series. It shows how easily people can become addicted to these dangerous drugs. It also shows how the grief of losing a child never goes away. You may find a small sense of comfort in seeing one family take action to help save lives. You may be inspired to take action in your community to help in some way. In my opinion, it’s important for every person to be aware of the crisis that is killing so many people of all ages. This series does a great job.