A Proven Method To Save The Country Billions And Help People In Pain Without Opioids

If there were a proven method of helping people feel better when confronted with injury that causes chronic back pain, save the country billions of dollars in medical bills, lost wages from being out of work, along with saving corporate costs from the effect of injury on worker productivity, all without opioids, do you think the powers that be would go for it?

There Is A Proven Method For Helping Those In Pain Without Opioids

The fact of the matter is that there is a proven method that accomplishes the list of benefits I provided above. It’s called Chiropractic Care. And I quote from an article published by Insurance Journal.com stating, “A study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute found that medical care costs less and claimants return to work more quickly when low back pain treatment is provided solely by chiropractors. Costs were also lower when chiropractors provided physical medicine services, but other types of clinicians oversaw evaluation and management, but the difference was not as dramatic.” https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2022/05/20/668528.htm

Chiropractic Is A Win-Win That Those In Power Can’t Benefit From

The Insurance industry clearly knows the power of chiropractic. But the question is how to convince those in power that there is still money to be made without creating a country of drug dependent people. Influencing those in power comes down to greed over good. We just haven’t been able to crack the code on that behavior and truth be told, it sickens me. The lives lost, the money needlessly spent, the continued diminishing productivity of our country. The cost is incalculable, yet the greed is so powerful that those in power prefer to be blind to the good. This is so clear when you see the difference in the number of opioid prescriptions when patient’s go to a chiropractor for care first, before they get turned into “chronic pain patients” instead.

The Cost Of Greed

Let me share some more statistics from the Worker’s Compensation Research Institute report. “The average medical cost per claim for low back pain patients who were treated exclusively by a chiropractor for both physical medicine and evaluation and management was $1,366, 61 percent less than the $3,522 treatment cost for low back pain cases that received no chiropractic treatment.” The report also concluded that, “Indemnity costs were also lower for workers whose low back pain was treated exclusively by a chiropractor: $492 compared to $3,604 for workers who received no chiropractic treatment.” https://www.insurancejournal.com/news/national/2022/05/20/668528.htm

The policymakers, the pill makers, and pushers, which includes the doctors and others in the medical field who routinely prescribe opioids are not concerned about doing good or improving the lives of those in physical pain. They are concerned about how long they can keep the money flowing into their accounts and how they can prolong the profiteering. Every person addicted to opioids represents a source of ongoing income for those higher up in the food chain. Each addict is like a mini-trust fund providing luxuries beyond the imagination of those suffering and dying and creating chaos in the lives of those who love them. If you feel like calculating the wealth of the few, keep the following statistics in mind:

•10.1 million people aged 12 or older misused opioids in the past year.
•More than 932,000 people have died since 1999 from a drug overdose. 
•Overdose deaths involving opioids, have increased by more than eight times since 1999.