Pain Relief That Doesn’t Come In A Bottle: Part Two – Touch

Back in August, I wrote about forest bathing as a wonderful way to relieve pain without a prescription. This is the second piece in which I focus on another way of relieving pain without a pill. This time the topic is that of touch.

The information I’m offering here is from Alternative Pain Treatment Directory, which I highly recommend you subscribe to if you live with chronic pain and prefer to manage your pain without pills. We humans are sensitive to the healing power of touch. In fact, if newborn babies are never touched, they can fail to thrive, lose weight, and even die. It is also known that babies and young children who do not get touched have lower levels of growth hormone. A lack of touch can stunt a child’s growth.

When it comes to treating chronic pain, the power of touch is often underestimated. Any kind of touch therapy can be very pleasurable while also relieving pain.

According to the article in Alternative Pain Directory, “The results of a randomized clinical trial showed that therapeutic touch had a positive impact on the positive management of pain-related parameters in cancer patients.” 

The article continues: “A clinical trial conducted in Brazil, concluded that Therapeutic Touch was effective to decrease pain intensity and depressive attitudes and symptoms, as well as to improve sleep quality.”

“Massage therapy has also been proven to be very effective in treating various types of pain. A meta-analysis of 67 randomized control studies found that “There is evidence to suggest that massage therapy may be beneficial for improving various patient-reported functional outcomes

Massage therapy, reiki, chiropractic, acupuncture, and even the field called therapeutic touch can bring pain relief for those suffering with chronic pain. You can read about Forest Bathing as well as other non-prescription methods to relieve pain at the link provided below.