Unhappy Holiday For 400,000 Families Who Had A Member Die Of Opioid Overdose

By Dr. John Rosa

opioid overdose

Every year there are more families whose lives are adversely affected by opioids.

Loved ones who have died from overdoses or loved ones who are addicted to them do not make any holiday season bright and cheerful. The sad fact is that more than 400,000 people have died as a result of the opioid epidemic and more than 2.6 millions Americans are currently addicted.

To the friends, families and loved ones of those who have died or are addicted, my heart goes out to you even more during the holiday season. I can’t truly imagine how heartbreaking it must be to have lost a child or a spouse or a parent so needlessly.

To all of those who suffer, I am continuously working to help rein in the suffering associated with this man-made epidemic. I am tireless in my efforts to promote pill-free methods for controlling pain after surgeries and accidents. I am consistent in helping to bring awareness to the fact that those who become addicted are not morally weak or inept in any way shape or form.

I admire those families who’ve lost loved ones who stand up and are tireless in their efforts to bring those responsible for creating and irresponsibly marketing and distributing the deadly opioid drugs to justice. I recognize how often their efforts can seem futile especially fighting those who’ve made billions of dollars on the death and destruction of unsuspecting and innocent people.

A Holiday Wish

My wish for all of you this holiday season is that you continue to stay strong, to let your love for the one(s) you’ve lost lead you forward. And perhaps your experience can help someone else say no to a doctor that prescribes opioids for pain relief. Perhaps your experience will inspire someone to seek out alternative, healthy methods to pain relief.

Let’s all find a quiet moment this holiday season and pray for all those who suffer. Sometimes good thoughts for those you don’t know helps those who need it the most. Be kind to one another and yourself.